Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal – Important Tips

Do you feel slowed down by the speed of your electric bicycle? You need to evaluate why your bike is slow. By knowing what is limiting its speed, it becomes easier to fix it.

There are ways the speed can be increased. However, firstly get to know the legal speed regulations for electric bikes in your state so that you can adhere to the rules while doing so.Some countries classify electric bikes as human-powered vehicles and therefore the speeds have to be low. Higher speeds may require licensing.

Secondly, some amendments on your bike may affect your warranty coverage if it has one because they are quite technical.

Also, bear in mind that some suggestions are technical and require a technical expert with experience in dealing with bicycle components.

In this article, we discuss some of the issues that can cause your bike to go at a slow speed and how you can fix it.

Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

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Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

Install a More Powerful Motor

Your motor could be weak or it is simply designed with low speeds. You can buy a new motor with higher speeds determined by a higher RPM rating or KVbut with a voltage that is compatible with your ebike controller. For example, you can swap a 36V electric bike designed to ride at 20 mph with a 48Vmotor designed for higher speeds.

Speed Tuning Tools

You can buy speed tuning tools from reputable manufacturers. But first, you have to know your bike’s motor powers to be able to order a compatible tuning tool. The good thing with tuning tools is that they are not permanent fixtures.

You can remove them when you need to drive on public roads and you are required to follow legal electric bike speeds. It is a simple process, you simply order the speed tuning tools and after receiving them, you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install them.

You Need a More Efficient Battery

You can increase the voltage of your battery. But first, ensure that the motor and controller is compatible with the new voltage and power.

Also, if your battery is hidden in a bag, it could have heating up issues.When it overheats it has less power because of voltages sags which lowers its speed. Ensure that the battery never overheats by getting adequate air to keep it cool.

Charge Your Battery More Frequently

Your e-bike’s speed is determined by how much charge the battery has. A higher charge means a higher voltage. To keep your battery charged at almost all times, charge as frequently as possible.

As such, you can buy a spare battery and always carry it with you.However, avoid packing your ebike for extended periods of time with a full charge because it destroys the battery.

Make Tire Adjustments

What tires does your ebike have? Tires can present resistance which ends up impacting on the speed of the electric bike. Tires designed with uneven surfaces are meant to provide grip but they are slower than smooth tires.

You could swap the tires with smooth tires that do well on streets though they have less grip. The tires will increase your speed a little.

Alternatively, you can reduce tire resistance by ensuring that your tires have high pressures closer to their maximum pressure. However, note that it will result in a less smooth ride because they will lose their ability to absorb pressures.

Reduce Weights on Your Bicycle

Some parts on your bike are not really useful yet they make the bicycle heavy. You can remove some parts completely. You can also replace heavy metallic parts with composites that are lighter.

Reduce Wind Resistance

You can improve the aerodynamic design of your electric bike with the aim of reducing wind resistance which creates a loss of speed. Alternatively, you can use a windshield.

The windshield prevents your body from getting in the way with its weight by redirecting the air creating resistance. You can use motorcycle windshields and attach them to the handlebars. An expert from a bicycle repair shop can help you fix the windshield.

Tune the Brakes

Friction in the drive system reduces the speed of the bike. You can reduce friction by ensuring that the drive system is always well lubricated. Besides that, replace metal bearings in your drive system with ceramic parts.

Also, ensure that you use good quality lubricants. Additionally, get the brakes tuned, you can do it yourself or let your local bicycle shop mechanics assist you.

Adjust the Speed Limiter

Your bike speed could be limited by a speed limiter. Speed limiters use wires to employ the controls. You could have imported the electric bike from a country with stricter traffic laws. Find a way to change the settings of the speed limiter.

One simple you can achieve this is by disconnecting the speed limit wires from the controller and replacing them with wire controllers. If it sounds difficult to fiddle with the wires, you can get assistance from the nearest bicycle repair shop.

Change the Controller

The controller is the primary determinant of the speed of an electric bicycle and determines how much speed the bike can handle. Controllers are designed to match the speed of the motor. In the USA, speed limits for electric bikes are limited to 20mph.

You may need to change the controller or re-program it otherwise connecting it to a higher voltage motor can ruin it.

Final Remarks

Remember that speeds are usually regulated for safety reasons and therefore don’t overdo it. Ensure that you are riding safe no matter what speed you are cruising at, and obey traffic laws on public roads. Also, ensure that you wear safety gear, for example, a helmet when you are riding at high speeds.

Worth noting is that if you want quite high speeds, then maybe you are used to the speed of a motor vehicle or you have driven a motorcycle before and expect the same from the electric e-bike. Maybe you need a motorcycle because there is a limit of what speeds electric bikes can do.

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  1. I have a 2020 Kamen emmo ebike and just last few days it’s going only 23 instead of 32km which wire do I need to change I know I need new cluster for it. Can I switch or unhook a wire to make it go faster if so which number or where is it thanks


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